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The authors of the portal are from Poland and write in Polish.

Due to the dominant and oppressive role of the church supported by the authoritarian, right-wing government, witchcraft and occultic practices are not just an exotic hobby. It is a subversive act. We assert our right of self-expression outside the traditional values, norms, institutions, and social roles.

The majority of our articles are meant to be read within the Polish socio-cultural context. We believe that thanks to this, our articles are more personalized and resonate better with our readers.

We don’t want to compromise on that.

Still, we decided that some sections of the site, especially the interactive tools for tarot analysis are worth sharing with the worldwide tarot community. We have translated selected pages as an experiment.

Here are some featured resources from our website that you can access in English:

Please, leave your feedback below and let us know if we should translate any other articles or tools.